Wednesday, September 21, 2011


              Jelling Stone Museum is Now 
                   Open in Solvang Village                                   
          A drama - art event for your school                  
“Andrew, the Jelling Stone Seeker” is a fantasy, interactive, experience which begins from the moment students enter the museum. Historically Jelling Stones are ancient Danish ruinstones dating back to the 10th century in Jelling, Denmark. Come meet Santo Cervello the artist and the artistic creator of the museum as he tells the story of “Andrew the Jelling Stone Seeker,” a nine year old boy who lives his dream. Guests will first enter the white blue room and sit on the silver benches where the drama presentation takes place. Next we journey to the museum with its dark blue ceiling and red pathway floor that leads to the mirror. We climb up the painted canvas stairs, enter the blue glass room and open the magical box. Welcome to Andrew’s Dream.
School tours also receive a free fifteen minute drama or art workshop which encourages each person to tap into their world of dreams. Please choose which workshop program you prefer:
The art program focuses on the art work of each dream while the drama program focuses on the story. We will email your art or drama guide two weeks before your arrival date. “Come and play in the land of the imagination,” said Cervello. “Come experience the magical beauty of Solvang.”          

Tickets are $10.00   
Maximum Audience: 39 guests         
Program length: 45 minutes
Location: The Jelling Stone Museum - 439 2nd Street, in Solvang across from Theaterfest                                       
To book call: Grace at 805  686-2409 or

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